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Painted Signs

These signs are painted in a chalk paint that I make myself. This paint allows me to create a chalk finish with a more durable surface. 

I start the process by doing a quick layout in InDesign for proofing. After which, I begin to draft all elements onto the chalkboard. 

I finish all with hand painted flourishes and give it a coat of matte clear sealer. 

Carved Signs

These signs were designed in Adobe Illustrator and modified using Vetric VCarve for production on my CNC Router.

I use an Inventables X-Carve CNC Router I purchased and assembled in 2016 for use in my studio. 


I really enjoy the reductive manufacturing process because of the material choices it provides me with.  

After the machining I use stains, paint, and sealers to finish the surfaces. 

For Print

In this gallery are a number of designs created for print production. 

Included are graduation announcements, invitations, and corporate promotional products. 

Also included are a number of posters designed to generate student interest in classes I was teaching. 


Southern Fowl

Pictured here was a great opportunity I had to work with Amber Stidham of Sikada Design on her project for Southern Fowl. 

Amber's company Sikada Design excels in branding and marketing, so it was truly an honor to work with her on creating the duck illustrations for this project. 

Please visit her site to check out more of this project and more of her excellent work.

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