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Week's Bay Bog Garden

Week's Bay Bog Garden is a hidden gem located in Foley, Alabama. This nature preserve boasts a unique ecosystem that is home to some of the rarest carnivorous plants in the world, including some beautiful pitcher plants. Talk about inspiration for some paintings!

On a recent visit to the preserve, Jon and I were amazed by the stunning beauty of these unique plants. Although the orchids had not yet bloomed, we were still able to appreciate the beautiful forest of ferns and the carnivorous plants that were blooming.

The pitcher plant is a rare sight in the wild, and it was fascinating to see how the plants had adapted to their environment and evolved to become such effective predators. The bright green and red hues of the plant’s leaves were striking. This specific plant, the white topped pitcher plant, is native to this mini ecosystem and is federally protected.

As we walked through the preserve, we were surrounded by lush greenery, vibrant flowering pitcher plants, and the peaceful sound of water as we ventured toward the river not the wood walking paths. The preserve is a nature lover's paradise, and we were grateful for the opportunity to explore and learn about this unique ecosystem.

We can't wait to visit again to see how the plants develop through the season, especially the orchids that we missed blooming during our visit. Really happy to see this conservation effort to protect the rare and endangered plants that call the preserve their home. It's inspiring to see the work being done to preserve and protect these unique ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.


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